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Yes you can most certainly connect to mySql using root. Note that in declaring the Server, Database, User and Password do not use quotes. To read the error, add this to a message box somewhere: It took me about a week to find the solution to the same problem and with many posts. OdbcConnection ‘ Is the connection is already open? MsgBox “Unable to connect due to the following error: I just made a small program just to see if the connection works.

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Sign up using Facebook. Edited 8 Years Ago by AndreRet: Apr 12, I rewrote the connection string in my web.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. That is why the error says ‘localhost’ remove all the single quotes from your connection string. These notes have been tested against MySQL version 4. If so, close it. To enable connection pooling for the MySQL driver:. Funny, none of the posts could help. It is quite rough, because I have used this as a sample and from there I started my application.


For his day job he develops websites and desktop applications as well as providing IT services. Also I was using I rewrote the connection string in my web. I restart the MySQL Service and check to see if I can connect to using the mysql consol in dos and it just won’t let me in, saying it can’t connect to mysql!

I dont know how to do it. This question is old but here is to guide anyone who had a problem like mine. End Try ‘ See if the connection state opened correctly successfully If mConnection. Please and thank you! I got into same issue and it resolved once we opened the port.

The valid range is 0x1E – 0x12C 30seconds to secondsthe default is 0xF0 seconds. OdbcConnection ‘ Is the connection is already open?

It took me about a week to find odcb solution to the same problem and with many posts. It test connection, shows databases and tables. My adrenaline is odhc pumping after 8 hours of trouble with this!! The application has previously been able to successfully connect to the database.

May 02, I have un-installed MySql completely and then went and re-installed to all its default values. Might be i need to allow lan access in my sever Mysql. Waiting a minute or so, and the application can connect again without the error.


Are you sure that root is allowed to connect remotely? Brian Cryer is a dedicated software developer and webmaster.

Last post Nov 13, He moonlights as a technical author and consultant. Do any one have the magic solution???

MySQL – Connection Failed: [HY] [MySQL][ODBC Driver] Access denied for user

Consider whether it is possible to modify the application to re-use database connections instead of closing and reopening them. The trouble is that under heavy load when lots of connections are opened and closed to the database, the odnc can hit a limit on the maximum number of connections allowed even though as far as the application is concerned these connections have been closed.

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