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There are many plugins that cannot be included in Debian or Ubuntu due to them being closed source or badly licensed, including the hardware accelerated 3D plugins, the Eternal sound plugin, and the direct CD-ROM play plugin. It don’t want to start itself. Configure it on the fastest settings and try again. I’ll see if Tekken 3 will work now. The screen appears dark and nothing going on! After I submited it I countinued to look through the forums and found out what to do.

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Open up Synaptic and do a search for it. I couldn’t find much info on the config and found it a little puzzling but got my PSX pad through a USB converter working correctly with this padjoy.

Hi, I downloaded the kethipcsx package and configured it, and when I tried to open a cd image running in graphic mode, clicking the icon the window opened and then closed. I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Martian gothic — sles M5 maybe protect. Thanks for the help.

Issue configuring P.E.Op.S. CDR Driver 1.4

And I’m pretty sure here is still cost around RM something in my place. When i start it the screen gets black and thats all. Try running PCSX from the terminal and see what error it spits out when it closes.


What could cause this problem? C final resistance — sces it es protect. Don’t forget to and leave them on the “patches” folder.

guida e collection files sbi ps1

Some games will need special video configuration to work properly Since i configute not go into extreme detail on how to configure the grafix the iso you are trying to run may or may not work.

Media New media New comments Search media. SaPu CD plugin While you are asking about pad plugin that may support mouse. So I’m already thinking into going 64 bits again, but Confiure don’t know Somehow I got past the thing where this wiz thing screwed up.

Pete’s PSX CDR plugins

I’ll see if Tekken 3 will work now. Just in case you don’t have it: Do you have WinRAR 3. The plugins i have are: No such file or directory Segmentation fault plugins im using are: This is a “wizard” to get you started. Mike Tyson Boxing — sles protect.

ePSXe tutorial

I was told by a mod to post it in this section Anyway, now it peopss doesn’t work. When i go to click on the run iso the only game that shows up is Lunar SSSC even though i downloaded both. Btw, no problem, I’m glad to help somehow: Overblood 2 ITA protect: DLL after i press config at cdrom drive config how do i solve it?


AHH I feel like an idiot. When I checked it on the configs there appeared to be something written in the first configufe. But personally I think Pete’s MesaGL Driver looks and performs leaps and bounds better, and I’d rather play it windowed, or deal with its funny fullscreen behavior then use the more convenient, but less pretty, and slower P.

Adiboo e il segreto di paziral — M5 sles O yeah the problem is that it just is blank ive waited for 30mins and still nothing happens my plugins are: The game plays fine just no sound.

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